01 July 2021

Our Proud Yorkshire Heritage

Over 45 years ago, Trojan was founded in the Heart of Yorkshire by the Mosley family.

Now with three sites; Ramsden Mills, Firm Mills and Ashbrow Mills sitting across a total of 21 acres of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic baths in Europe and are still proud to call Yorkshire our home.

In1975, Maurice Mosley established Trojan Baths and to this day it has remained a true family run business. Maurice’s youngest son David has been at the company for 20 years with 9 of those spent as Trojan’s Managing Director. With David and his older brother Adam sharing Group responsibilities across all group companies including; Thomas Crapper, Mantaleda Bathrooms and Traymate Product Ltd.

From these small beginnings, family employs over 230 people with the majority being based in Huddersfield. Training and investing in people have become an essential part to the business and it is something we feel strongly about. Our local community is important to us and part of our commitment to this is our ongoing support  of a local charity, Ruddi’s Retreat.

As a British manufacturer another key concern for us is the environment and our impact on it globally as well as locally. With on-site recycling facilities at each of our factories and solar panels at Ramsden Mills, we aim to reduce our impact on the ecosystem as much as possible to ensure we are protecting our Yorkshire home and heritage!

Since 1975 when the Trojan family business was established, we have been and continue to be proud of our Yorkshire roots and heritage.

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