Trojan Plastics Ltd prides itself on manufacturing acrylic and styrene products to the highest possible standards. Our manufacturing facilities are exceptional and as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of acrylic bath tubs we pride ourselves on the specification of our products and after sales support.

We are confident that our products will give you years of trouble free service provided they are maintained and cared for. These are our recommendations and instructions.

Acrylic Baths

Trojan Plastics Ltd manufactures its baths from 100% cast Lucite® Acrylic sheet. The colour of your acrylic product is not a surface finish or ‘glaze’ but it the same colour throughout the sheet. The bath should be cleaned immediately after use whilst the water is draining and is still warm. Should the bath be cold before draining any residue in the water can harden on the sides and base of bath and will be harder to remove. Hard water locations can leave insoluble lime salts at and below the water line and also below leaking taps. If allowed to build up they are more difficult to remove. Please use hot soapy water for cleaning and wipe the bath dry.

Due to the nature of acrylic and the way it is manufactured, surface scratches can be removed with a rubbing compound (such as a car colour restorer) and fine wet & dry paper. Rubbing with a car colour restorer and a soft cloth will bring back the original shine. If any deposits build up on the surface of the acrylic it may be removed with car colour restorer and a soft cloth.

Acrylic is not flammable but will burn and melt if it comes into contact with naked flames or excessively hot objects (such as a burning cigarette end).

Acrylic has good resistance to properties such as acids and alkalis but organic solvents, such as paint strippers, peroxide etc., can cause damage to the surface and should not be allowed to have contact with it. If by accident this happens dilute with hot soapy water and wash away, drying the surface.

Our acrylic baths specified on this site are not designed for use with hoists or lifts which are fixed or placed inside the bath. Such devices can damage the surface or structure of the bath. For our range of specialist easy access baths, available with seat lifts, please visit

Never place ladders or similar household aids in the bath.