How to care for your Trojan Bath

Trojan prides itself on manufacturing acrylic and styrene products to the highest possible standards. Our manufacturing facilities are exceptional and as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of acrylic bath tubs we we pride ourselves on the specification of our products and after sales support.

We are confident that our products will give you years of trouble free service provided they are maintained and cared for. These are our recommendations and instructions.

Acrylic Baths & Shower Trays

Trojan manufacturers its baths from 100% cast acrylic sheet. The colour of your acrylic product is not a surface finish or 'glaze' but is the same colour throughout the sheet. The bath should be cleaned immediately after use whilst  the water is draining and is still warm. Should the bath be cold before draining any residue in the water can harden on the sides and base of the bath and will be harder to remove. Please use hot soapy water for cleaning and wipe the bath dry.

Due to the nature of acrylic and the way it is manufactured, surface scratches can be removed with a rubbing compound (such as car colour restorer) and fine wet & dry paper. Rubbing with a car colour restorer and a soft cloth will bring back the original shine. If any grime builds up on the surface of the acrylic it may be removed with car colour restorer and a soft cloth.

Acrylic is not flammable but will burn and melt it comes into contact with naked flames or excessively hot objects (such as a burning cigarette end). Acrylic has good resistance to properties such as acids and alkalis but organic solvents, such as paint strippers, peroxide etc., can cause damage to the surface and should not be allowed to have contact with it. If by accident this happens dilute the hot soapy water and wash away, drying the surface.

Our acrylic baths are not designed for use with hoists or lists which ar fixed or placed inside the bath. Such devices can damage the surface or structure of the bath. Never place ladders or similar household aids in the bath.


Your 25 Year Guarantee

The guarantee covers acrylic products manufacturered by Trojan and installed in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. If, in our opinion, the product does not meet our stringest quality standards and has failed under the terms of the guarantee we will undertake to repair, replace or credit that item, at our option.

Should a claim be made under the guarantee we ask that the following conditions are met:

  • Proof of purchase ius submitted at the time of the claim and that the bath has been fitted in accordance with our fixing instructions with the parts sipplied and in line with general good plumbing practice.
  • We need to ensure that the product has been maintainced and cared for in accordance with our Care Instructions. We cannot accept responsibility for the failure of a product if, in our opinion, it has been modified, misused, neglected and willfully or accidently damaged. In addition it should have been used for it's sole design purpose.
  • We must be given reasonable opportunity to inspect the product in the installed situation. If remvoed, the product should be retained for inspection.
  • If we authorise the replacement of the product we will require two estimates for refixing costs. Should these quotes been deemed, by Trojan, to be unreasonable we reserve the right to send our own qualified installer.
  • Our policy is one of continual development. If, in our opinion, the prodiuct has failed under the terms of the guarantee and a replacement is offered but the model has been withdrawn, we will replace with the nearest equivalent.
  • Please note that impact damage is not covered under the guarantee. Impact damage will usually result in the bath cracking and developing a hairline split. This damage can occur prior to or during installation or even after fitting. The bath will not have been manufactured with a crack in it.
  • Our liability is limited to the single product in question and not to the whole bathroom suite. The guarantee does not extend to cover consequential loss or damage or installation costs arising from defective product. The guarantee is not transferable to the owner of the product.

This guarantee is effective for products purchased after January 2004, states our entire liability, and is offered to customers acquiring our products as consumers, not in the course of a trade or business. This guarantee does not in any way affect the statutory or other rights of the consumer.