At Trojan we strongly believe companies have a responsibility to impact positively on society and the environment.

We aim to make a difference by ensuring two things. The first is that our employees can operate and feel comfortable in a safe and secure workplace. The second is that we maintain a healthy balance between the economy and our ecosystem.

Through investment, training and developing effective internal processes we endeavour to create a positive, ethical working environment. Our dedicated, highly skilled team are fully trained and supported at every step.

The environment is a key concern for Trojan and as such, we are constantly working to ensure our impact on the ecosystem is as minimal as possible. As well as on-site recycling facilities, we manufacture products that will in turn allow consumers to monitor their own impact on the world’s resources.


Reducing water consumption

We are a member of the Bathroom Manufactures Association and have signed up to the Water Label Scheme on our eco range of products. This voluntary scheme provides comparative information on water volume usage to help inform consumer purchase decisions in favour more water-efficient products. Manufacturers across the world are helping governments in the quest to reduce water consumption by producing new, innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products. At Trojan we are proud to be able to manufacture a large range of water conserving baths, which continue to offer a relaxing, enjoyable bathing experience.