Aquair Bubbles

Our range of outstanding Aquair whirlpool baths 

Why choose Aquair?
Our range of outstanding Aquair whirlpool baths offer the same exceptional quality you have come to expect from Trojan with the added features of a relaxing spa experience.

Quality Components
All components of our whirlpool bath are produced by world renowned experts in whirlpool design and technology. Water is drawn from the bath and forced back through jets. The systems use flexible pipe work, which is smooth, so not as to retain water, yet strong enough to withstand any sagging.

System Choice
We offer a variety of water and air systems which can also be combined to create the ultimate wellness system. In addition there are a number of different options and upgrades to personalise your bath to your needs.  

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Whirlpool system

Jets feed water into the bath at pressure to offer an invigorating bathing experience.

Combined systems

Aquair offer a range of lighting to help you create the perfect environment for relaxing in.

Choose from a strip of chromotherapy lights which can change colour or be set to a colour, a single light that changes colour  or a single colour light. 

Airspa systems

The whirlpool and airspa systems can also be combined to provide the ultimate relaxing experience.

The more jets there are in a system, the better the hydromassage experience. 

Exceptional Quality from our experts

Attention to Detail
Hygienic drainage is crucial to great design. Our pipe work is shaped and supported to promote maximum system drainage and minimal water retention. Ozonators are available for customers wishing to clean the water during use. A cleaning solution is also available to keep your system clean and fresh.

All our whirlpool systems include ‘child safety suction’. Tested to BS EN 12764:2004+A1:2008

Quality Assured
Each component part that makes our systems is 100% quality assurance checked prior and during the installation onto the bath by fully trained and approved operators.

Pop up waste and overflow supplied as standard.

Two year guarantee on all systems.

All our baths are factory tested and approved. We test each one of our whirlpool baths under normal working conditions for 30 minutes and then a 30 minute standing period giving you absolute peace of mind.

By choosing an Aquair system on a Trojan bath there is no third party handling. We control the entire manufacturing process and the fitting of the system itself. We provide our own dedicated service van to ensure that we can provide a prompt and professional aftersales backup.

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