Trojan operates from three distinct factories at different locations in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Ramsden Mills is an 11 acre site in the Milnsbridge district of Huddersfield. Ramsden Mills has three separate bath manufacturing factories on site, each one designed for a specific manufacturing purpose, including a specialist factory that manufactures our Trojancast baths. In addition we manufacture the majority of our bath panels on the site too.


No compromise

By keeping each factory separate we can be confident that each and every product made is manufactured to a high standard with no compromises.

Firm Mills is a 3 acre site in the Longwood district of Huddersfield. Firm Mills is a single 48,000sq.ft building dedicated to Trojan Trays. It is also our Group showroom and training academy where we can share our passion and knowledge for what we do.

Ashbrow Mills is a 7 acre site in the Ashbrow district of Huddersfield. Ashbrow Mills is dedicated to our freestanding and solid surface products as well as the home of Aquair, where we assemble the wellness systems onto baths.