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05 November 2021

Creating A Stylish Bathroom Suitable For The Whole Family

Trojan Baths is a proud Yorkshire based company that has been manufacturing quality baths for over 45 years and are known for their reputation in quality. From these small beginnings, we have grown to become one of the largest acrylic bath manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

At Trojan, we have always been dedicated to creating high-quality baths that have been carefully designed to suit different bathroom styles and spaces.

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Trojancast Social Post

01 September 2021

Incredibly Strong, Reinforced Baths

Whether it’s bath time for the children or your turn to relax after they’re tucked up in bed, baths get a lot of use, especially in family homes. That is why at Trojan we have developed Trojancast, an intensive reinforcement process that strengthens baths and gives them a rigidity that is traditionally only associated with cast iron baths.

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16 August 2021

Now Hiring: Late Shift Supervisor

We are now seeking a suitably qualified and experienced Late Shift Supervisor to join our team and work across all three sites of production.

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Recruitment Graphic

16 August 2021

Now Hiring: Multi-Skilled Maintenance Technician

We are now seeking a suitably qualified and experienced Multi-Skilled Maintenance Technician to join our team and work across all three sites of production.

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01 July 2021

Our Proud Yorkshire Heritage

Over 45 years ago, Trojan was founded in the Heart of Yorkshire by the Mosley family. Now with three sites; Ramsden Mills, Firm Mills and Ashbrow Mills sitting across a total of 21 acres of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of acrylic baths in Europe and are still proud to call Yorkshire our home.

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28 April 2021

Total Flexibility Between Bathing & Showering

At Trojan, we have been manufacturing quality baths in the heart of Yorkshire for over 45 years and we are committed to offering a bathing solution for everyone. We understand people have different needs when it comes to choosing their bathroom furniture and sanitaryware.

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Traymate Shower Barn

03 March 2021

Hartford Holdings Acquires Specialist Tray Manufacturer, Traymate

Yorkshire based Hartford Holdings Ltd, parent company of Trojan Baths, easy access specialist Mantaleda Bathrooms and heritage brand Thomas Crapper & Co, are delighted to announce they have acquired the UKs leading specialist shower tray manufacturer, Traymate Products Ltd.

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Aquair Whirlpool Baths - Relax and Unwind

01 March 2021

Relax and unwind from the comfort of your own home

Over the past 12 months, switching off at home has become difficult as houses have transitioned into a constant living and working space for families and individuals. This has led to people wanting a bathroom that creates a spa like feel in their home allowing them to take time out for themselves and truly relax.  

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04 January 2021

Bathroom Trends 2021

After the unprecedented year of 2020 and as we move into 2021, we look at the trends and the changes affecting the bathroom industry this year.

With over 4 decades of manufacturing experience, at Trojan, we understand that wider influences impact how we live our lives and how products must adapt to suit the changing needs of our consumer.

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12 Days of Christmas with Trojan

01 December 2020

Moving into 2021…

With Christmas fast approaching, and given 2020 has been such an unprecedented year, here at Trojan, we believe we have a ‘treat’ for everyone. 

2020 has thrown up many problems for industries all over the world, and no more so than for manufacturing. However, with Christmas just around the corner, and with many considering household renovations within the new year, here are just some of the bathroom solutions that Trojan can provide for you…

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16 November 2020

A Practical Family Bathroom without that Clinical Look or Feel

Bath time should be an enjoyable experience, however for some, getting in and out of the bath or shower can be a stressful and difficult experience without any help.

Our specialist range of easy access baths, showers and accessories take the worry out of bathing and create a safe yet beautiful bathroom environment for the whole family to enjoy, being both age and ability friendly.

Here at Trojan, we aim for our Bathe Easy collections to provide practical yet stylish easy access baths, showers and accessories, creating safe bathrooms that the whole family can use both now and in the future.

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02 November 2020

Creating a Bathroom at a Price You’ll Love…

Since Trojan was founded in 1975, the philosophy of the company has remained the same; produce a quality product using the best possible materials.

Here at Trojan, we believe that everyone should be able to have their dream bathroom at a price they’ll love! Our collections take everyday bathroom essentials into consideration, ensuring our baths, showers and accessories make the most out of your space available, without ever compromising on style or quality.

Do you want to create your dream bathroom, without breaking the bank?

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19 October 2020

Creating a Stylish Bathroom to Fit Your Needs

Bathing should be a relaxing experience that everyone can enjoy. At Trojan, we recognise that those who suffer with mobility conditions, as well as those who want to future proof their homes, also want beautiful bathrooms.

Bathe Easy provides practical yet stylish easy access baths, showers and accessories, creating safer bathrooms that the whole family can enjoy without a clinical look or feel. From our contemporary L Shaped Solarna walk-in shower bath, to Freedom, our walk-in deep soak perfect for smaller bathrooms, Trojan’s easy access baths are ideal for any home.

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01 October 2020

Create the Bathroom you Desire with an Inset Bath

At Trojan we believe that you should be able to make the most of your bathroom, creating a space of true relaxation, a place to de-stress and unwind. However, we also appreciate that your bathroom needs to remain practical for all the family too.

Our range of inset baths are sleek and contemporary in design and are sure to create a focal point in any bathroom, without breaking the bank. Manufactured in Huddersfield, in the heart of West Yorkshire, our inset baths have been designed in house with the additional option of Whirlpool and Airspa technologies, creating the ultimate spa-like feel, safely within your own home.

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03 September 2020

Bathrooms Fit for All the Family

Throughout the UK, there are more families than ever choosing to move in with their parents and according to research from the University of Cambridge in 2019, 6.8% of UK households are currently made up of several generations.

Taking this into consideration, there are many reasons which may be driving this sudden increase. Last month we saw that the increase on the cost of childcare meant that many families were looking to grandparents for childcare support.

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03 September 2020

Family Friendly Bathroom Solutions

Over the last four decades, here at Trojan, we have come to understand the bathroom industry. Founded back in 1975, we have now become one of the leading and most respected manufacturers within Europe.

One thing we have learnt over the years is that different people have different needs, meaning not everyone wants the same thing from their bathroom. So, whether that be a bath or a shower or a combination of the two, here at Trojan we recognise the importance of getting this right when it comes to a family friendly bathroom.

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12 August 2020

A Practical Family Bathroom without Compromising on Style

From small beginnings in 1975, Trojan have now been manufacturing baths, showers and other bathroom accessories for over 40 years. Situated in the heart of West Yorkshire, Trojan aim to set bath manufacturing standards both in the UK and overseas, always manufacturing products to the highest standard and specification required and constantly at a competitive price.

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31 July 2020

Celebrating Yorkshire

With our roots firmly in this beautiful county, Trojan was established in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, back in 1975. From small beginnings, we are now one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of acrylic baths in Europe, with historic Yorkshire still where we proudly call home. Operating from three sites; Ramsden Mills, Firm Mills and Ashbrow Mills, our specialist factories sit across 21 acres of Huddersfield, where we will always remain. We love Huddersfield, so find it no surprise that it has been chosen as one of the host towns for the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race!

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13 July 2020

Bathrooms Fit for All the Family

With multigenerational living on the rise, and with a total of 1.8 million households now with two or more adult generations co-habiting, these numbers have increased by 38% in the last decade.

However, there are multiple factors that have driven this increase. With the cost of childcare on the rise, many families look to older family members for support, this tends to include grandparents, who may also help with the increasing housing costs too. In addition to this, as the ageing population continues to grow year on year, there is now a shortage of retirement homes, meaning that multi-generational living isn’t necessarily a choice for some. Throughout the UK, there are currently 12 million people over the age of 65 and with no signs of slowing down, these figures aren’t to be ignored.

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30 June 2020

The perfect solution for high footfall bathrooms

All Trojan acrylic baths are built to last and come with our 25-year guarantee. But, if you want a bath with outstanding strength, added insulation and extra peace of mind, Trojancast offers unique features that tick all the boxes…

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15 June 2020

More support needed for UK carers

Whilst we have explored the needs of those with age and mobility related conditions in our recent posts, here we recognise the people who provide care in the UK. The needs of carers can often be forgotten, and with the social care sector in a period of rapid growth, the pressure and demands on a carers mental and physical well-being, can be overlooked.

There are currently approximately 8.8 million adult carers in the UK, with 6,000 people taking on a caring responsibility each day. Whilst we are experiencing an ageing, growing population, it is important to note that 1.3 million carers in England and Wales are actually aged 65 or over; meaning many carers are already retired or at retirement age.

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01 June 2020

Making the most of smaller bathrooms

At Trojan, we understand that not all bathrooms are made the same size or shape. Homes and properties may have ensuites or smaller washrooms with a floor space that may only suit a shower. Our collections take smaller bathrooms into consideration, ensuring our baths and shower trays make the most out of the space available, without ever compromising on style or quality.

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Photo of an elderly woman smiling

14 May 2020

Quality care in demand more than ever

With a growing population, increase in life expectancy and more people living longer with complex health issues, it is no surprise that the care sector is under growing pressure. In the UK, the care sector is currently worth almost £16 million a year, with over 410,000 people in residential care.

Between 2017 and 2040 the population of people aged 65 and over is expected to rise by 49%. The number of people aged over 85 - those most likely to require health and social care services - is expected to almost double from 1.4 to 2.7 million, over the same time period.

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01 May 2020

Trojan introduce new slate effect shower trays

At Trojan we know that not everyone loves a bath. However, this doesn’t mean that your bathroom space should feel any less relaxing or stylish.  Our brand-new range of slate effect shower trays have been designed to allow you to create a bathroom that is the stylish space you desire yet still a realistic family bathroom, with an affordable price point too.

Our range of slate-effect shower trays are sleek in design and are sure to create a focal point in your bathroom without breaking the bank. Manufactured in Huddersfield, in the heart of West Yorkshire, our slate shower trays have been designed in house with the latest technologies for the ultimate in performance, strength and durability. After all, our philosophy is simple; produce a quality product using the best possible raw materials.  

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15 April 2020

How an ageing population is changing home design

‘Population Ageing’ is a global phenomenon, and one that shows no signs of slowing down.  Since 1982, the UK population has increased year on year.

Today, there are 962 million people in the world aged 60 or over. In 2015 there were around 901 million people aged 60 or over; more than twice the number in 2000. It is estimated that by 2050, this will have increased to over 2 billion.

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31 March 2020

Spring clean your bathroom this Easter

With the current situation regarding COVID-19, and with many of us now stuck at home, now is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your bathroom. April is the perfect time to give your home a spring clean, and with Easter falling the latest it has in almost a decade, this month is ideal to get your house ready for visitors. So, turn your tired and outdated looking bathroom into a brand-new bathing haven.

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30 March 2020

5 Steps to Improve

As we move through such unprecedented times, where we are stuck in a world where COVID-19 is all that we seem to talk about, it’s understandable that our lives are currently filled with so much uncertainty.

Here at Trojan, we understand the importance of well-being, after all spending a little time alone allows us to relax, unwind and see things more clearly. We’ve always been advocates of bathrooms being the perfect space to improve our mental and physical well-being, and no more so than at the moment. Unfortunately, due to self-isolation, many of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands than ever, and that is why Trojan have decided to give you a five-step guide to improve your well-being through your bathroom.

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19 March 2020

The launch of our new Evolve shower bath

Having been in the bathroom industry for the last four decades, Trojan understand that not everyone wants the same thing from their bathroom. Not all bathrooms are the same size and shape and this is something that we have come to recognise.

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11 March 2020

Making the bathroom a relaxing space for every body

Bathing should be an enjoyable, relaxing experience. Most of us take a bath or shower without giving it a second thought, but for those suffering with chronic pain and mobility issues, bathing can be painful and difficult. At Trojan, we created Bathe Easy so that every body can enjoy a bath or shower, no matter what their physical ability.

Our range of specialist easy access baths, showers and accessories are designed for independent living, and help take the worry out of bathing.

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02 March 2020

The convenience of a shower with the comfort of a bath

At Trojan, we understand the bathroom industry, after all we have been manufacturing baths since 1975. From single ended, quality acrylic baths to solid surface freestanding baths and shower trays, we have been designing and producing bathroom products and accessories for over four decades.

We understand that different people have different needs. We appreciate that not all homes are the same shape or size, and that not everybody wants the same thing from a bathroom. Some see their bathroom as a quiet haven, where they can lay in a warm bath at the end of long day. For others, it’s a family space for noisy, fun bubbly bath times or a place to grab a quick shower after the gym.

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14 February 2020

A comfortable, safe bathroom to suit all mobility needs

The world’s ageing population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, with life expectancy increasing as morality decreases. Whilst living longer is clearly a positive thing, the number of people living with chronic illness or disability is also rising.

At Trojan, we believe a bathroom should be a safe and relaxing space for every body which is why we created Bathe Easy, our specialised range of low-threshold and powered traverse seat baths, designed for independent living.

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29 January 2020

Indulge in luxury with Aquair

As the world continues to move at pace and our lives become filled with work, family life  and other commitments and hobbies that keep us busy, it’s important to take time out and unwind, making time for ourselves.

At Trojan, we understand the importance of well-being, which is why we developed Aquair; our range of luxurious spa and whirlpool baths. Aquair offers the same outstanding quality you would expect from Trojan, but with the relaxing features of a spa experience.

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14 January 2020

Because every body should be able to enjoy a relaxing bath

Whilst many of us don’t think twice before we jump in the shower or take a soak in the bath at the end of a long day, for those suffering with pain and disability, just doing a normal everyday thing like relaxing in the bath can be a difficult, or even impossible task.  

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01 January 2020

Trojan Trends 2020

As we move into 2020, we look at the trends and the changes affecting the bathroom industry this year. With over 40 years manufacturing experience, at Trojan, we understand that wider influences impact how we live our lives and how products adapt to suit changing needs.

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04 December 2019

Trojan Annual Review 2019

The past year has been a very exciting – and very busy – year for us here at Trojan. We started the year with our ‘Did you know?’ marketing campaign, which highlighted some interesting facts about how consumers use their bathrooms but also specifically their baths! There were some interesting stats that surprised us all but it proved the need for the wide range of Trojan baths that we produce, as our end users are always very clear on what they want!

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13 September 2019

Bathe Easy: Something for Every Body

Autumn is upon us and here at Trojan we are all looking forward to the nights drawing in, as it justifies log fires, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and long soaks in the bath, while the rain pounds the window outside.

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10 September 2019

Bathe Easy Cascade Bath evolution

As you know, our Bathe Easy range was introduced in order to help those who are less physically able, whether through age or an ongoing disability. One of the most popular baths in the range is the Cascade, which is manufactured here in the UK. While the original Cascade bath had the glass door toward the tap end of the bath, this was causing issues when people were adding a glass shower screen - glass on glass is not something that works particularly well. So, taking into account all of the feedback we have gathered, we took the decision to move the door to the opposite end of the bath to avoid any issues with a glass shower screen in future. 

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16 July 2019

All the fun at Trojan’s Summer Celebration

Huddersfield-based bath manufacturer, Trojan, hosted their first ever Summer Celebration on Friday 12th July for all employees and their families, along with long-standing suppliers. Held at Huddersfield YMCA rugby club, in Salendine Nook, Huddersfield, the venue was chosen because of the links between Trojan founder Maurice Mosley and the club, who he played for, for most of his rugby career and has remained an active member ever since.

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21 June 2019

Lifetime Achievement Award for Maurice Mosley

The British Bathroom industry bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award on 89 year old Maurice Mosley at the BKU Awards, an annual awards ceremony which celebrates the best of the Kitchen & Bathroom industries. This special award is only open to those individuals who have served the industry for more than 20 years and have played a significant role in it’s success.

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29 May 2019

Trojan Baths shortlisted again for BKU Sanitaryware Brand of the Year

Once again Trojan Baths have been shortlisted for the BKU Sanitaryware Brand of the Year, having been shortlisted in 2018 we are thrilled to be shortlisted again in 2019. Launched in 2015 by Bathroom & Kitchen Update Magazine, the BKU Awards are designed to recognise the retailers, brands, people and services that make this industry great.

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21 May 2019

Trojan Baths celebrates it’s first Long Service Awards, May 2019

Trojan Baths staff have celebrated an incredible 825 years of continuous service at an event celebrating their length of service with the Yorkshire-based bath manufacturer, held at Briar Court Hotel in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The Long Service Awards, presented by Managing Director David Mosley, shone the spotlight on staff who have reached key milestones in their years of service, ranging from 10 to 35 years.

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01 April 2019

Ramsden & Mosley Relaunch

Trojan Baths remains a family-owned business, with manufacturing facilities in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. With over 40 years experience under our belt, we are experts in the production of acrylic baths however as a company we continually invest in new designs, plant and equipment in order to keep moving forward, given the highly competitive market that we operate in, with ever changing consumer needs.

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15 March 2019

Trojan Trends Volume 3

Continuing with our Trojan Trends, this month we have learnt that people do a lot more than just bathe when they climb into a bath! Did you know that in a recent report by Trend Monitor (Six Things You Didn’t Know People Did In Their Bathrooms, Jan 2019) 41% of participants who regularly took baths revealed they like to read either a book, newspaper, magazine or a Kindle, 7% will watch a film or TV shows on either their phone or tablet, and 7% will listen to the radio. Unsurprisingly, 30% like to use candles or dim the lights to create the right ambience, and 1 in 5 participants said that they occasionally enjoy a glass of wine.

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01 March 2019

Trojan Trends Volume 2

Following on from our first Trojan Trends commentary, we had such positive feedback that we wanted to share more of our knowledge and the ways in which we take into consideration consumer requirements in all we do. With over four decades’ experience manufacturing baths for the international market, we believe we are well-placed to give advice and share our expertise.

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01 February 2019

Trojan Trends 2019

Here at Trojan, we believe our continued success comes from our consistency; we continually invest in new designs, plant, equipment and our team; we set the quality standards for the industry and work tirelessly to uphold these standards yet remain at a competitive price point for all products we manufacture.

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A photo of our 'Solarna L' bath

01 December 2018

Our Extended Bathe Easy Range

According to national charity DLF (Disabled Living Foundation), there are 13.3m disabled people in the UK yet only 17% are born with their disability, most acquiring their disability in later life. For every 1000 people of working age in the UK, there are 308 of pensionable age, with this projected to increase to 365 by 2037. The ageing population and therefore the affect that this has on housing and specialised equipment, cannot be underestimated.

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07 September 2018

Meet the manufacturer

Trojan Baths remains a family-owned business, with all of our manufacturing taking place in our factories in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. As a company we continually invest in new designs, plant and equipment in order to keep moving forward, in what we all know is an extremely competitive marketplace.

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20 June 2018

Get to know Trojan Operations Director, Mark Turner

This week we get to know Trojan Operations Director, Mark Turner, a little better and hear why he’s a true Yorkshireman…

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11 June 2018

Introducing a new member of the Trojan family; Trojan Trays Slimline30™

With over forty years’ experience, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of both acrylic baths and stone resin bonded shower trays, and in keeping with our aim to be at the forefront of product design, in May 2018 we are excited to be introducing our new range; the Slimline30™.

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11 June 2018

It’s a whole new look for Yorkshire based bath manufacturer Trojan Baths

Family-owned Trojan has launched a range of new customer communications following a review of marketing activity in recent years. While the brand is well known in the industry, the company has previously concentrated on manufacturing own label products for some of the most recognised retailers in the UK.

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