10 September 2019

Bathe Easy Cascade Bath evolution

As you know, our Bathe Easy range was introduced in order to help those who are less physically able, whether through age or an ongoing disability. One of the most popular baths in the range is the Cascade, which is manufactured here in the UK. While the original Cascade bath had the glass door toward the tap end of the bath, this was causing issues when people were adding a glass shower screen - glass on glass is not something that works particularly well. So, taking into account all of the feedback we have gathered, we took the decision to move the door to the opposite end of the bath to avoid any issues with a glass shower screen in future. 

This change to the Cascade has been introduced to the business with immediate affect and any further purchases of the Cascade will be the new design. If you would like us to send you the technical drawing and room set image we have for this bath, please just email marketing@trojan-plastics.co.uk and we can send this out to you. 

If you would like to discuss the Bathe Easy range in more depth or hear more about the wider Trojan Baths products and brands, please get in touch


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