29 January 2020

Indulge in luxury with Aquair

As the world continues to move at pace and our lives become filled with work, family life  and other commitments and hobbies that keep us busy, it’s important to take time out and unwind, making time for ourselves.

At Trojan, we understand the importance of well-being, which is why we developed Aquair; our range of luxurious spa and whirlpool baths. Aquair offers the same outstanding quality you would expect from Trojan, but with the relaxing features of a spa experience.

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest and safest ways to treat aches and pains, and help relieve tension and anxiety. When soaking in a bath, the warm water helps blood vessels expand and improve circulation by increasing the flow of blood to the tissues around the body. The warmth also has a sedative effect on nerve endings, travelling deeper into the body helping alleviate discomfort and pain. Your body is up to 90% lighter in the water, meaning less stress on joints and muscles*.

In an ordinary bath, water hugs your body and will eventually cool to your temperature. This film of water then slows the transfer of heat into the body, so the muscles may not be as relaxed as they could be. With a spa or whirlpool bath, water is constantly moving so will not sit and cool, helping your body relax for longer and re-energise. With a whirlpool bath, jets of water feed into the bath, producing a variety of massages from relaxing, to a sports hydro-massage helping relief aching or tired muscles.

Not only are our Aquair baths ideal for relaxing the body, a variety of options can help you soak in style; LEDs, Bluetooth connectivity and an electronic heater are all ideal for customers who want that little bit extra from their spa or whirlpool bath. As with all their products, Trojan aim to optimise your bathing experience. Choose from an Airspa system, which uses jets to blow air into the bath, a Whirlpool system, which pushes water into the bath or a combination system which combines both air and water.

As with all Trojan products, our Aquair baths are 100% quality checked at each stage of production, with each system fitted by our specially trained technicians. Each component used is produced by whirlpool and technology experts. We also test each bath for an hour under working and passive conditions, to ensure ultimate performance from every product.

To find out more about our Aquair range of whirlpool and spa baths and the options available, contact us on 01484 648181 or marketing@trojan-plastics.co.uk

* Source: http://www.fitnessphysio.co.uk/hydrotherapy/


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