01 June 2020

Making the most of smaller bathrooms

At Trojan, we understand that not all bathrooms are made the same size or shape. Homes and properties may have ensuites or smaller washrooms with a floor space that may only suit a shower. Our collections take smaller bathrooms into consideration, ensuring our baths and shower trays make the most out of the space available, without ever compromising on style or quality.

The average house bathroom in the UK is 4.4m², and space can often be limited. Not all homes have the room for a ‘regular’ sized bath. At Trojan we understand this, and so ensure we design and manufacture a range of products that work perfectly in a smaller space.

Space saving baths

Our Trojan Collection includes fantastic solutions when saving space is important. Take for example, our Uppingham claw-foot bath. The freestanding, Victorian design creates a luxurious feel in any bathroom and at only 1470x735mm, it’s perfect for smaller bathrooms or loft style living spaces. If a stylish yet simple design is preferred, Derwent is available with the smaller dimensions of 1200x700mm. Derwent is a single ended bath, perfectly satisfying all bathing needs.

Corner baths

Another smart idea when space is limited, is to opt for a corner bath. Corner baths, with their curved edges, won’t protrude into floor space as much as a rectangular bath, leaving you more room to play with! Our 1200x1200mm corner Laguna bath provides classic elegance in the smaller room. Or, if you prefer a bath with a difference, Quebec offers a luxurious twist to the classic corner bath, with an extra curve and the option to add a shower screen to one end. At only 1500x1000mm, the Quebec will make any compact bathroom look stylish!

Shower baths

If space is a consideration but a bath and a shower is a necessity, our range of shower baths provide a combined alternative. Our Space Saver – which certainly lives up to its name - has a length of 1690 and maximum width of 690 at the peak of its curved, and looks perfectly sophisticated in the smaller space. Alternatively, our spacious Solarna L has a large square area at one end of the bath, providing extra space for showering. Available in the smaller 1500x800x700mm version, the shower baths looks modern and sophisticated, without taking over a smaller bathroom.  

Shower Trays

If a bath is not an essential bathroom requirement, our slimline shower trays provide a contemporary look and are compatible with most shower enclosures. With a 10-year guarantee and 44 size options, you are sure to find the shower tray to suit your bathroom needs!

From compact free standing baths, to curved shower baths, Trojan design and manufacture solutions for every bathroom, no matter the size.



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