15 June 2020

More support needed for UK carers

Whilst we have explored the needs of those with age and mobility related conditions in our recent posts, here we recognise the people who provide care in the UK. The needs of carers can often be forgotten, and with the social care sector in a period of rapid growth, the pressure and demands on a carers mental and physical well-being, can be overlooked.

There are currently approximately 8.8 million adult carers in the UK, with 6,000 people taking on a caring responsibility each day. Whilst we are experiencing an ageing, growing population, it is important to note that 1.3 million carers in England and Wales are actually aged 65 or over; meaning many carers are already retired or at retirement age.

According to Carers UK, 5 million people in the UK are carers in addition to other employment and 1 million carers care for more than one person. It is no surprise then that given these figures, 8 out 10 people caring for loved ones reported feeling lonely or isolated, 72% said they had suffered from ill mental health and 61% from physical ill health as a result of caring.

In June 2019, the seven charities responsible for delivering Carers Week came together to run a speed-networking event in Parliament. This gave the charities, including Age UK, Carers Trust and the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and carers involved the chance to speak to MPs and Peers about the realities of unpaid care in 2019.

Carers save the UK economy a massive £132 billion per year, which is an average of £19,336 per carer. The Carers Trust is a charity who provide help and support for unpaid carers, offering advice about financial support, how to look after themselves whilst looking after others and how to meet and chat with other carers. They also provide information for carers regarding respite care and advice for how they can take a break.

It is extremely important that carers have time to take care of themselves, and acknowledge their own mental and physical well-being. At Trojan, we manufacture a range of products all with the aim of providing a relaxing haven for everyone. Our Bathe Easy collection provides the perfect solution if mobility is a key consideration; ideal for family homes that include a person who requires support, as well as their carer. Or, if a carer lives and works elsewhere, Trojan can cater for many different bathrooms; from large spaces to compact shower rooms, we can help provide a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day or night.


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