01 April 2019

Ramsden & Mosley Relaunch

Trojan Baths remains a family-owned business, with manufacturing facilities in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. With over 40 years experience under our belt, we are experts in the production of acrylic baths however as a company we continually invest in new designs, plant and equipment in order to keep moving forward, given the highly competitive market that we operate in, with ever changing consumer needs.

As one of the forerunners of the bathroom industry, Trojan pride ourselves on continually launching new products that deliver against consumer desires. In 2016, we launched a new range of solid surface baths under a newly created brand, Ramsden & Mosley. The name is a celebration of Ramsden Mills, the manufacturing home of Trojan in Huddersfield, while Mosley is the name of the founding family, with David Mosley still very much at the helm as Managing Director. This new range has performed very well in the last 3 years, however we felt 2019 was the ideal time to relaunch a rationalised range, with all new marketing materials and website. To help support showrooms we are introducing a new brochure, POS pack - consisting of a poster and strut card - as well as a dedicated website that gives a the consumer an overview of each bath as well as the detail they need to make sure it is the ideal investment for them!

While Ramsden & Mosley was a step away from standard acrylic baths, we identified a consumer need for a more premium offering that not only looked stunning but delivered on comfort too, leading to the introduction of Ramsden & Mosley solid surface, freestanding baths to the portfolio. The range is split between contemporary matt baths – which look stunning in any bathroom – and the more traditional gloss finish, the designs of which make them a centrepiece to any home.

The range of Ramsden & Mosley solid surface baths are manufactured from a mix of high grade polymers and natural minerals. The balance of quality, ethically-sourced raw materials, investment in modern equipment and artisan craftsmen responsible for every bath produced, results in a range of products that are technically superior. The polymer materials used also result in a product that is easy to clean and is completely UV stable.

Every Ramsden & Mosley bath is manually polished for several hours by hand, to create a product that looks and feels beautiful. Steeped in British manufacturing history, the Ramsden & Mosley range of solid surface baths are named after the isles that surround Britain.

Trojan aim for all products to remain at a competitive price as this, coupled with their decades of experience, means that they are well placed to help put together great ranges for all customers, with the Ramsden & Mosley range being the perfect solid surface offering for any portfolio.

All Ramsden & Mosley products are manufactured with the environment in mind and we strive to deliver a product that is not only made from the finest materials but from materials that are ethically sourced. Ramsden & Mosley baths are tested for durability and safety, always delivering the highest quality in accordance with European standards.

Take a look at www.ramsdenandmosley.co.uk and let us know your thoughts! If you are interested to hear more about the full range of Trojan Baths, contact us on 01484 648181 or email sales@trojan-baths.co.uk.


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