17 January 2022

Replenish your body and mind from the comfort of your own home

The past two years has brought about a change in the living circumstances for many households, with the ability to rest and relax at home becoming more difficult. Houses have transitioned into the living and working space for families and individuals. This has led to people wanting a bathroom that creates a spa-like sanctuary in their home allowing them to take time out for themselves and truly relax.  

At Trojan, our range of spa and whirlpool baths – Aquair, allow individuals to replenish the mind and body in the comfort of their home. Aquair offers the same outstanding quality expected from Trojan, but with the restorative features of a luxury spa experience.

The benefits of hydrotherapy are numerous, with the movement of water allowing the body to release stress and tension. The jets in an Aquair whirlpool bath provide both a physical and mental boost with the ability to relax muscles, lower joint and muscle pain, increase blood flow and improve mental health through the spa-like experience.

The water in a standard bath, hugs the body which can quickly cool your temperature and cause the transfer of heat into the body to slow, so the muscles may not be relaxing as they should, and bodies aren't re-energising. Water in our Aquair baths is constantly moving to help your body relax for longer. With our whirlpool system, jets of water feed into the bath, producing a variety of massages from relaxing, to a sports hydro-massage helping relieve aching or tired muscles, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy your bathing experience.

Each bath is available with 3 different systems: 1) an Airspa system that uses air to create thousands of “champagne” effect bubbles into the bath from the base, 2) a Whirlpool system, which forces water into the bath from side jets or 3) a combination of both systems. We also offer additional options to each Aquair bath to provide you with a custom bathing experience, these features include LEDs, Bluetooth connectivity and a water heater.

All Trojan baths are 100% quality-checked at every stage of production prior to any system being fitted. Each component has been produced by experts in whirlpool design and technology and are assembled by specially trained technicians, in a dedicated facility in the heart of West Yorkshire.

Speak to us today to find out more about our range of Aquair products and the wider Trojan bath collections.

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Aquair Whirlpool Baths - Relax and Unwind

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