30 June 2020

The perfect solution for high footfall bathrooms

All Trojan acrylic baths are built to last and come with our 25-year guarantee. But, if you want a bath with outstanding strength, added insulation and extra peace of mind, Trojancast offers unique features that tick all the boxes…

Trojancast is our specialist resin, green ‘jacket’ that coats the entire underside of the bath, providing more strength and additional insulating properties. Trojancast can be added to any standard acrylic Trojan bath, unless specified, in order to provide superior performance. As a result, Trojancast baths are ideal for bathrooms with a high footfall, including hotels, rental properties and homes with larger families.

Our Trojancast purpose-built factory is home to a team of dedicated experts, where the latest technologies are combined with the highest standards to produce a range of baths that come with our extended 30-year guarantee.  

At Trojan, we have been manufacturing baths for over 40 years and ensure that each product that leaves us, meets our quality criteria. At every stage of production, each Trojancast bath is checked with a label stamped and placed on the back of the bath. This remains on the bath through to installation, so when it arrives at its destination, you can be confident that the quality is guaranteed. 

The key benefits of choosing Trojancast:

  • Made in England, we are very proud of our Yorkshire roots 
  • Improved insulation of your bath water
  • Substantial reinforcement creates a harder wearing bath
  • Extra strength and rigidity provide characteristics of a cast iron bath
  • Peace of mind with our 30 year guarantee
  • Available on almost all Trojan acrylic baths

In addition to the above, all Trojancast baths come with a Luxury Fittings pack. So, as well as the wall brackets and centre foot, our standard fittings are upgraded to include two 12mm feet, two steel cross sections and two jacklegs; which all provide additional support.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Trojancast or would like to find out more, contact Trojan today on 01484 648181 or marketing@trojan-plastics.co.uk


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