01 May 2020

Trojan introduce new slate effect shower trays

At Trojan we know that not everyone loves a bath. However, this doesn’t mean that your bathroom space should feel any less relaxing or stylish.  Our brand-new range of slate effect shower trays have been designed to allow you to create a bathroom that is the stylish space you desire yet still a realistic family bathroom, with an affordable price point too.

Our range of slate effect shower trays are sleek in design and are sure to create a focal point in your bathroom without breaking the bank. Manufactured in Huddersfield, in the heart of West Yorkshire, our slate shower trays have been designed in house with the latest technologies for the ultimate in performance, strength and durability. After all, our philosophy is simple; produce a quality product using the best possible raw materials.  

Our newly designed gel coated slate effect shower trays are available in a range of shapes including, square, rectangle, quadrant and off-set quadrant. With a depth of 35mm and ranging from 800x800mm to 1700x900mm, the sleek yet contemporary lines of our slate effect shower trays will ensure you can find the perfect size for your bathroom. Meanwhile, the choice of four different colours including black, matt white, dark and light grey, will ensure you find one to fit your style and bathroom décor perfectly too.

At Trojan, we understand the bathroom industry, after all, we have been manufacturing baths since 1975. With over forty years’ experience, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and despite four decades of production, we still remain 100% committed to ensuring our products are manufactured to the highest standard, whether baths or shower trays.

Over the years, we have come to recognise that bathrooms are all different shapes and sizes and that different households also have different needs. There are those who see their bathroom as a personal sanctuary, somewhere to escape the stresses of everyday life. Yet, for others, their bathroom needs be a practical space for all the family to enjoy. Introducing our new slate effect shower trays will allow you, our customers to source almost everything you need from Trojan for your perfect bathroom.

You can view our full range of slate effect shower trays by clicking here, or alternatively call us today on 01484 648181, or email us at marketing@trojan-plastics.co.uk to find out more.


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