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Slip resistant coating for Baths & Shower Trays

Soapy water and smooth, curved or sloping surfaces can combine to make bathrooms, particularly baths and shower trays, very slippy and potentially dangerous – especially for young children or those who aren’t steady on their feet.

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Simply No Slip is slip resistant coating, designed to be applied to acrylic and gel coat surfaces. As well as baths and shower trays, it is also suitable for outdoor hot tubs, swimming pool steps and fibreglass boats.

Simply No Slip is easy to apply and ensures the surface is much less hazardous when wet. It is a permanent, hygienic and practical alternative to bath and shower mats and paint or tapes. Avoid slips and falls with this innovative, easy to apply slip resistant treatment.

There are two types of treament, one designed with acrylic/gel coat surfaces and the other for ceramic, steel, cast iron and porcelain.

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Reduce the chance of slips and falls with this innovative easy to apply, post installation slip resistant treatment.  


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Acrylic Slip Resistant Treatment

  • Designed to be applied to acrylic bath and shower trays and gel coat trays
  • Also suitable for hot tubs and fibreglass boats
  • Simple roller application
  • Creates a subtle grainy, translucent finish
  • Long-lasting
  • Hygienic alternative to bath mats or stickers
  • Does not damage the surface being treated
  • Ready to use in 24 hours
  • 1 kit treats 1m2 area
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use