A bath being made with Trojan Cast

Adding Value at Every Stage

Trojan Plastics built a new factory to manufacture Trojancast products. Separate from all other production areas, the dedicated factory has been equipped with the latest technologies and is run by a team of specialist personnel who take pride in each and every Trojancast bath they produce.

At each stage of production each individual bath is checked to ensure it reaches our high standards. Each employee that checks the bath stamps a label acknowledging they have fulfilled their job requirement. This ensures that the bath manufactured meets our quality criteria. This check label is placed on the back of the bath and remains with it through to delivery and installation.

As well as the natural benefits of acrylic and the intensive reinforcement of the Trojancast process, all Trojancast baths come with our luxury fittings pack.In addition to wall brackets and centre foot & bracket, standard fittings are upgraded to include 12mm feet , two  500mm steel cross sections and two jacklegs offering front rim support. The guarantee on a Trojancast bath increases from our standard 25 years to 30 years, giving you extra peace of mind.

Insulating properties

Trojancast's British racing green resin jacket covers the entire underside of the bath adding real strength and insulating properties. The additional bath thickness reduces the heat of the water being lost through the side walls, keeping your water hotter for longer.

Substantial reinforcement

Trojancast is an intensive reinforcement process offered by Trojan to all our standard acrylic baths*. This reinforcement process results in each bath being incredibly strong and hard-wearing.

Peace of mind

Trojancast results in a bath that has extra strength and rigidity – traditionally attributes only associated with cast iron baths. Ideal for larger families, hotels, B&Bs and rented accommodation.

Available on any range

Trojancast is available on all standard Trojan baths* – we don’t have a limited range, you can add it to almost any bath you choose!

Made in England

Our baths are made with pride in Yorkshire, England. We take control of all our processes giving you piece of mind. Trojancast should not be confused with imported baths claiming to be the same process and have the same properties. If it is not made in England it is not to the same standard.


The guarantee on a Trojancast bath increases from our standard 25 years to a 30 years. No imported bath will offer the same assurances.

* unless otherwise stated

Explore our unique features

Bath Cross Section

Substantial Reinforcement

Trojancast baths are incredibly strong and hardwearing

Insulating Properties

Keeps your water hotter for longer

30 Year Guarantee

No other bath can compare

Made in Yorkshire

All Trojancast baths are manufactured at our site in Yorkshire, in a dedicated facility, to ensure a quality product