Finish your bath with a Trojan Panel

Whether you are considering tiling your bath in or using a standard panel, Trojan offers a wide range of quality solutions suited to any budget and design. Our wide range of bath panels will help play an essential role to your bathrooms overall interior style and finish.

High impact polystyrene panels offer an entry level solution. Available in 2mm or 3mm the Supastyle and Flat panel are timeless in their design and are complemented by the Tudor traditional look panel. 

The mid to upper level solution is provided by the Titan, an innovative twin skin panel offering a simple design that hides an engineered second panel that offers substantial strength and durability.

Our exclusive range includes The One Piece, a pioneering front and end panel constructed from a marine grade gel coat that has been hand laminated with fibreglass matting to create a seamless front and end panel into one piece that can be cut to size on site. The end result is an integrated front and end panel that will present the wow factor on any rectangular bath.

Bath Panel Construction

  • The One Piece
    Marine grade gel coat surface with a hand laminated glass roving back
  • MDF vinyl wrapped panels 
    15mm MDF board with a high quality vinyl wrap glued, sealed and heat pressed. Supplied with plinth for adjustment
  • Titan Panels 
    A universal 3mm front panel with a 3mm chevron style backing. The two panels are bonded together using specialist styrene glue over a hot melt glue
  • Standard Panels
    High impact polystyrene sheet vacuum formed and trimmed to offer a quick, quality solution for the UK market. Export panels are manufactured from ABS capped acrylic.
  • Tongue and Groove Panels
    New to the range is our Tongue & Groove bath panel for front and end, which creates a fantastic finishing feature to any bathroom.


Innovative universal front and end panel manufactured in one single piece


Universal design, supplied to fit rectangular baths ranging from 1800x800mm down to 1200x700mm in size

Fits a wide range of bath types and sizes, suitable for double and single ended baths

Once trimmed, fits in minutes, saving time on installation

No join between the front and end panel, creating a stunning professional finish every time

Reinforced with glass fibre matting for strength, resulting in a solid feel when fitted.



A universal panel that works in both modern and traditional bathrooms.


Type: Front & End Panels
Front Panel Size: 1800, 1700, 1500
End Panel Size: 800, 750, 700

High Impact Polystyrenex2 3 mmWhite
ABS Capped Acryline x2 3mmWhite


A plain design with a right angled return at the top and bottom of the panel offering a timeless look for your bathroom.


Type: Front & End Panels
Front Panel Size: 1800x510, 1700x510, 1500x510
End Panel Size: 800x510, 750x510, 700x510

High Impact Polystyrene2/3mmWhite
ABS Capped Acrylic3mmWhite

Solarna with a bath panel

MDF Vinyl Wrapped Bath Panel

A simple yet strong bath panel that looks good in any bathroom.


Type: Front & End Panels
Front Panel Size: 1800x510, 1700x510, 1500x510
End Panel Size800x510, 750x510, 700x510



Hugely popular panel design that complements the majority of bathroom designs. Recessed top edge to sit between the bath's trimmed edge and timber support frame.


Type: Front & End Panels
Front Panel Size: 1800x510, 1700x510, 1500x510
End Panel Size: 800x510, 750x510, 700x510

High Impact Polystyrene (UK)2/3mm White
ABS Capped Acrylic (Europe)3mmWhite


Designed to complement more traditional bathrooms, the Tudor panel is ideally suited for the Art Deco Bath

Tudor Front Panel

Type: Front Panel
Front Panel Size: 1700x510
End Panel Size: 750x510, 700x510

High Impact Polystyrene3mmWhite
ABS Capped Acrylic3mmWhite

Tongue & Groove Panel

Beautifully designed tongue & groove front and end panels make a stunning feature of any bath.

Tongue & Groove - Front & Rear

Type: Front & End Panels
Front Panel Size: 1700x510
End Panel Size: 700x510

High Impact Polystyrenex2 3mmWhite
ABS Capped Acrylicx2 3mmWhite